Saint Maarten

The island of Saint Maarten is a small Caribbean island which is shared by the French and the Dutch. St Maarten is located in the northern area of the Caribbean region and neighbors with the island of Anguilla and is in close proximity to Puerto Rico. The island was divided in 1648 after it had changed hands many times between the European countries of Great Britain, France and the Netherlands. French Saint Martin is the bigger side of the island thought to be occupying at least 60% of the island and the remaining 40%. The borders on the island are simply marked by monuments. On the French side of the island the official language is French and the currency is the Euro. On the Dutch side mostly English is spoken and the official currency is the Dutch Gilder. English is also widely spoken in French Saint Maarten and the United States Dollar is accepted alt all locations (shops, restaurants and other establishments) on the island.

St Maarten is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean region. The island receives many visitors from Canada, all over Europe and the United States. Many Caribbean people also travel there for vacation and shopping whilst others move there permanently in search of work as the island of St Maarten has a very vibrant economy. One of the mainstays of the islands economy is tourism which sees at thousands of visitors each year. Saint Maarten has it all; beaches, sun, shopping sea, nightlife, entertainment, gourmet dining and great people. The island is known as the friendly island. Most people who visit don’t want to leave; some even make the island their home permanently whilst others choose to spend part of the year there.

Saint Maarten has some of the hottest real estate properties which are available on the Caribbean market. Real estate properties in St Maarten include villas, condos, apartments, homes, lands even hotels and businesses can be purchased on the island. The good thing about Saint Maarten is that anyone can purchase real estate on the island in very simple process. Real estate purchases can be made by corporations as well as individuals. St Maarten has some very luxurious villas and condos which can be bought or purchased. Most persons who rent Saint Maarten real estate properties rent these properties for a specific time each year (many during winter). Saint Maarten real state can be rented for short or long term periods. The prices for St Maarten real estate can start from very affordable and goes up to very expensive prices for those who can afford the luxurious.

Other Saint Maarten accommodation includes the many hotels and resorts which can be found on the island. Saint Maarten is a vacation island and therefore there is no shortage of hotel accommodation. In fact most beaches on the island have hotels or resorts nearby. Accommodations can also be found in towns and communities around the island. Hotels can be found in the following area; Dawn Beach, Simpson Bay, Cupecoy, Oyster Pond and other areas. Saint Maarten hotels pride themselves in providing quality services to guests.

The beaches of Saint Maarten never fail to attract visitors to the island and they are often regarded as the greatest attraction to the island. There are thirty seven (37) white sand beaches scattered around the island and the Dutch side has its fair share of beaches. There are beaches for surfing, snorkeling, sunbathing, water sports, partying and many other activities. Beaches with bars and restaurants are known as the party beaches and many are alive day and night. All the beaches on the island of St Maarten are opened to the public and it is amazing that they are never populated except for weekends when most local hit the beaches. Some of the popular beaches in Saint Maarten are Cupecoy Beach, Maho beach, Dawn Beach, Simpson Bay Beach, Great bay Beach, Guana Beach, Kimsha Beach and many others.

Another attraction on the island of Saint Maarten is the many casinos which can be found on the island and the nightlife. Saint Maarten is one of the hottest islands in the Caribbean for night time entertainment. Casinos are only found on the Dutch side of the island and these provide much entertainment to visitors and locals alike. Saint Maarten casinos have a number of slot machines and table games which bring gamblers from around the world to the island. Other than games casinos also provide good entertainment which includes live dance and musical acts. Customers can enjoy drinks at casino bars.

St Maarten is known as the best place to dine in the Caribbean. The island has over three hundred (300) restaurants where cuisines from around the world can be enjoyed. Saint Maarten restaurants specialize in Indian, Thai, French, American, Caribbean, Jamaican, Chinese, Italian and other cuisines. The local eateries known as Lolos are popular with visitors and locals. Lolos can be found on beaches and along the roadsides on the island. Many popular fast food restaurants are also available in St Maarten.

When on the island of St Maarten the easiest way to get around the island is to rent a vehicle. There are many car rental agencies on the island of St Maarten. Saint Maarten car rental agencies provide very efficient services to clients. Many of these car rental companies are situated near the Princess Julian Airport and most car rental agencies can arrange to have rental vehicle delivered at the airport or at hotels for customers. Renting a car in the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten is very easy. The customer should present a valid driver’s license at the car rental agencies and with the use of a credit card or cash should be able to rent a car to move around the island. Driving is done on the right side of the road and drivers should pay close attention to traffic signs which are posted everywhere. Saint Maarten car rental companies include Discount car rentals, Avis, hertz, Budget, Thrifty, Dollar, Beach Island Sunrise, Executive, Ace and Adventure.

The island of Saint Maarten is paradise and there is an activity for everyone. Shoppers will enjoy shopping at the great boutiques and shops in the capital Philipsburg. Even the children have fun in Saint Maarten.