St Maarten Beaches

The island of Saint Maarten has thirty seven (37) beaches spread out on the small island. The beaches can be found on the French and Ditch sides. The beaches are all great beaches and it is very hard to say which side has the best beaches, very tough competition. The Dutch side occupies a small portion of the island and has some really cool beaches. Nude beaches can be found on the French side and though it is not legal on the Dutch side it is tolerated on one or two beaches. All St Maarten beaches are public beaches and therefore are opened to the public.

The beaches on the Dutch side are known for being white sand beaches with calm waters which are perfect for spending time. Visitors come to St Maarten just for the beaches. Many persons on holidays enjoy spending time on St Maarten beaches sun tanning, relaxing, participating in water sports or partying. Beach goers are reminded that the Caribbean sun may not be what they are accustomed to and that sun block should always be used to prevent sunburn which can put a damper on any great vacation.

St Maarten has a beach for everyone. There are party beaches for persons who enjoy a good time. Many St Maarten beaches have bars and restaurants which provide food, drinks and music for beach goers. This environment is not for those persons who plan on spending a quiet day at the beach since the music blaring from these establishments is normally low. For spending a quiet day at the beach visitors should choose a beach with no bar or restaurants on or near the beach and the chances of the beach being less populated are greater. Listed below are some of the more popular beaches on the Dutch side of the island.

Maho beach is considered to be one of the best beaches to watch sunsets and planes landing on the island. Maho Beach is located near the airport on the Dutch side. There are a few great bars on the beach prefect for buying great drinks. Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented as well.

Cupecoy Beach is known for its calm waters and reefs which provides one of the best beaches in St Maarten to go snorkeling. Cupecoy is a great place for spending quiet time. This beach is known as the Dutch side semi nude beach.

Dawn Beach is great for snorkeling and swimming and enjoy great time on the sand. The beach is home to the Westin resort and has a few bars and a restaurant for great local food.

Mullet Bay beach attracts the surfers and other water sports fans. It is also a great beach for collecting shells. Mullet Bay beach is very popular among locals and visitors. Sample local meals at a restaurant on the beach.

Kimsha Beach is another beach which is popular with the water sports fanatics. Water sports equipments can be rented on the beach. The beach ahs many bars and restaurants and is also known as a party beach since there are beach parties at the beach. This beach is lively day and night.

Guana Beach is one of the beaches to spend quality time as there are no bars or restaurants. This beach is favored by surfers and strong swimmers.

There are many other great beaches on the Dutch side including Great Bay Beach, and the beach at Little Bay. Spending time on a St Maarten beach is a great way to spend vacation on the island. Many cruise ship visitors flock to the St Maarten beaches when on the island. The beaches are never overpopulated and the locals do not hassle visitors on the beach.