St Maarten Dining

St Maarten is called the gourmet capital of the Caribbean and that is with good reason. The island of St Maarten has over three hundred (300) restaurants which include classy restaurants for fine dining as well as local eateries. Whilst the French side of St Martin is known for French and European restaurants the Dutch side is known for being diverse its cuisine. The Dutch side has many restaurants including, American, Indian, Thai, Caribbean, Jamaican, French and many others

Dining in St Maarten can be quite the adventure as there are so many restaurants to choose from. The small town of Phillipsburg boasts of many fine restaurants and local eateries. Most Stain Maarten restaurants are opened from 9:30 am and stay open until late night. Some of the restaurants which specialized in fine dining open a bit later in the day but will close late at nights. Most hotels and casinos in St Maarten have great restaurants.

St Maarten dining is very affordable as there is something for everyone’s budget. People on a low budget can enjoy a tasty meal and reasonable priced restaurants on the island. The lower priced restaurants include local eateries where persons can dine in style for as low as US$10 per meal. This would include barbecues chicken, grilled sea food, rice, Johnny cakes, fried plantains and other local foods. For the persons with expensive palates then there are lots of restaurants which cater to this. The Simpson bay area as well as the capital has many restaurants which are popular among fine diners where food may be pricey but worth every cent spent.

Saint Maarten restaurants tend to have a Caribbean flare to them even of the food being offered is not always Caribbean food. At most St Maarten restaurant on any day the dress code is casual and patrons can sit under the shade of umbrellas and trees enjoying music playing from stereo systems at St Maarten restaurants whilst sipping their favorite beer. Most St Maarten restaurants cater to the children therefore they will not feel left out. Persons who want a quieter atmosphere can also get this because not all the restaurants have loud music.

One thing which is guaranteed at St Maarten restaurant is fresh food. Islanders love sea food and this available in abundance on the island. St Maarten restaurants serve fresh lobster, shrimp and fish which are to die for. The same can be said for the fruits and vegetables which are always present as part of meals at Saint Maarten restaurant. Diners who are more into steaks and other meats have their fair pick of St Maarten restaurants. There are many American restaurants around St Maarten which serve steak and other American delicacies.

Fast food lovers are not left out! Saint Maarten has many fast food joints which includes, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC, Subway, MacDonald’s and many others. Fast food restaurants are easy on the pocket and open very early in the morning and do not close until late night and can be found in many different locations on the island.

St Maarten dining is quite the experience. St Maarten restaurants are popular hangout spots for both visitors and locals therefore it is very important to make reservations beforehand and show up on time for these reservation. Some St Maarten restaurants have dress codes whilst some are more relaxed therefore it is always wise to enquire about this. A service charge is normally added to restaurant bills on the island and no further taxes are paid,. When visiting St Maarten restaurants be sure to ask for a local drink called guava berry liqueur!